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Atherton Post office wins national award

THE Atherton Post Office has created history after they were named the inaugural Australia Post Office of the Year at a gala dinner held in Melbourne a fortnight ago. The Atherton Post Office, which is located at Robert Street, Atherton, took out the top gong for their consistently outstanding performance across commercial results, customer service, community engagement and safety.

Atherton Post Office Manager Wendy Wyatt said the award came as a welcome surprise. It’s amazing recognition for the work that we do and something we definitely didn’t expect,” she said. “We’re all very dedicated to our jobs and every one of us loves coming to work here.”

Ms Wyatt said she believes their community-focused approach is a major reason as to why they were named the first ever Post Office of the Year. “We’re big on keeping it local,” she said.

“Atherton is a really close-knit community and we know most of the people who come through the doors, which is great for building long-term customer relationships.”

Ms Wyatt took time to thank those who have contributed to the Atherton Post Office’s continued success. “First I would like to recognise the members of this team, there are five of us along with two casual workers who help out when required – they’re all fabulous people and do a wonderful job. We also share the office with a great team of posties,” she said.

“I also want to thank our loyal customers, without them we wouldn’t have received this award and we’re extremely appreciative of their support. Many of them extended their congratulations after we won the award which means a lot.

“And lastly I want to thank the network of post offices around us that we draw on for support, along with our Area Office and Area Manager who provide enormous assistance when needed.”

Australia Post’s Executive General Manager of Community and Consumer Nicole Sheffield said Australia Post see in their winner an absolute model of customer service. “Last year’s result was 85 and they are smashing even this outstanding result with this year’s Net Promoter Score to date tracking at an absolutely incredible 94.9,” she said.

“This is a Post Office that absolutely sits at the heart of their community – they genuinely love their community, are always willing to go above and beyond and take on any challenge, and their community love them for it.”

Ms Sheffield said some recent highlights have included school visits teaching prep students about writing letters and the delivery process, supporting the local RSL sub branch and donating their own time to support local shopping nights, selling over $5000 worth of product.

“Fostering a friendly and supportive spirit of competition has seen them stand out as regular high performers in our Retail Rewards program,” she said.

“They’ve come first in their network the past three years and regularly place highly across the state and nationally.

“And their Postal Manager is a stand out too; as well as leading this amazing team, they regularly provide training and support to other licensees in their network and she has acted in the Network Manager role.”

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