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Latest 2020 election update

The latest ECQ results are in.

FNQ has been painted red after a convincing win by the Queensland Labor party.

Although official announcements or declarations are yet to made, it looks as if Labor has managed to hold onto the seats of Cook, Cairns, Barron River, and Mulgrave.

While Katters Australia Party have hung onto their seats of Hinchinbrook, Traeger and Hill.

At last count, the ALP had won 50 statewide seats, the LNP 31 and the minors and independents 7 seats.

Mr Shane Knuth who has won his seat of Hill, is now the second longest-serving member in QLD’s parliament after his seventh straight win.

Seat break down:

Hill – KAP’s Shane Knuth has received 52.9 per cent of the primary vote and 75.6 per cent of votes based on preferences with a swing of +5.8 per cent

Cook – Cynthia Lui is more than likely to take her seat back, she is leading with 40.5 per cent of the primary vote and is leading the LNP’s Edward ‘Nipper’ Brown on preferences 52.2 per cent to 47.8 per cent respectively.

Barron River – Craig Crawford looks safe to hang onto the seat of Barron River leading the LNP’s candidate Linda Cooper with 40.3 per cent versus 38.3 per cent in primary votes and 55 to 45 per cent respectively in preferences.

All results were correct at 6pm November 1 2020.

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