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Tougher fines for flouting COVID-19 restrictions

The state government has given police the power to issue on the spot fines for people not adhering to quarantine orders.

The first fines for flouting new COVID-19 laws were handed out on Monday afternoon to an unlicensed Queensland brothel.

Two infringement notices were issued at a Brisbane massage parlour on Monday, March 30 for failing to comply with COVID-19 public health directives.

Police Commissioner Katarina Carroll says a person working at the business was fined $1334, while the business itself copped a $6672 fine.

The fines were handed out after Prime Minister Scott Morrison and state and territory leaders on agreed to further tighten the rule around indoor and outdoor public gatherings from 10 to two.

The state governments have also given police the power to issue on the spot fines for people not adhering to social distancing measures or quarantine orders.

All passengers arriving on international flights in Queensland, who are returning home or passing through, will now be held in local hotels for 14 days, under new quarantine measures that came into effect at midnight on Saturday.

Queensland Police have now been given the power to issue infringement notices of up to $13,345 for individuals and $66,672 for businesses who failed to abide by quarantine directions.

In a statement Queensland police said this included people “deliberately flouting self-isolation directions, holding unlawful mass gatherings or conducting non-essential business”.

Officers can also issue on the spot fines of $1334 for individuals and $6,672 for businesses that fail to abide by state health directions.

Queensland police have said, “The community should expect an increased number of officers checking on people under public health directions and taking action against those who did not comply.”

The Queensland Premier has also issued tougher border restrictions.

Now anyone wanting to enter Queensland who is not a resident must have an approved border permit or they will be turned away.

Residents who travel interstate regularly for work can apply for a permit to display in their car window to assist with quick reentry into Queensland.

Non-residents must answer a series of questions online and be assessed for suitability.



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