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Volunteers heart of Field Days

VOLUNTEERISM is at the heart of the Rotary FNQ Field Days, and there are two no greater examples of the enormous role volunteers play in the event’s success than that of Geoff and Honor Redington.

Geoff (94) and Honor Redington (93) are Tolga residents and have been prominent figures in the Tablelands community spanning decades.

Geoff has been a Rotarian for 48 years, 31 years of which has been spent as a member of the Atherton Rotary Club, and he spoke on the importance of volunteering and the impact it has on a community as a whole.

“My wife and I have been heavily involved with volunteering for many years, and we feel society is better when people are willing to put back into their community,” he said.

“And I believe the Rotary FNQ Field Days is a great example of that; there are hundreds of people (volunteers) who have contributed their time and energy to make this event a success.”

“We have been a part of the Field Days event here for more than 20 years, and I have seen firsthand it grow and grow into the wonderful community gathering it is today.”

While much of Geoff and Honor’s retired life has been spent volunteering for various community organisations, their propensity to give back was also evident throughout their professional career.

“I was the Matron of the Queensland Bush Children’s Health Scheme in Townsville, where we brought in children with all sort of health problems that couldn’t be treated where they were from,” Honor Redington said.

“It was a very interesting life being a part of that and something which was extremely rewarding.”

You will be able to find Geoff and Honor manning the Shelter Box stall, which displays an initiative that provides individuals and families with accommodation when tragedy has struck and they are without a roof over their head.

“To my knowledge, the Shelter Box has been around for more than 20 years and Rotary’s involvement with it has just been marvellous,” Geoff said.

“I firmly believe this has been one of Rotary’s greatest contributions to society.”

Geoff and Honor Redington said they would like to thank the Mareeba and Atherton Rotary Clubs for yet another fantastic Rotary FNQ Field Days.

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