Albina shines in the Big Apple

ALBINA Niceforo and her mother Carmelina recently returned home to Australia after spending time in New York City for the Forte International Music Competition.

When The Express last spoke with Albina and Mrs Niceforo, they were packing their belongings in preparation for a long-haul flight to the home of Broadway.

The extensive travel time and jetlag was all worth it as Albina performed exceptionally well, taking home a Gold Award.

Albina achieved the feat by accumulating an overall score of 94 points, and did so against an elite collection of talent.

“There were over 200 nominations, so to be in the finals (top 20) is amazing,” Albina said.

“I was certainly surprised to have received a Gold Award as you have to receive a very high score from the four-strong judging panel.”

Albina said having the opportunity to visit New York City was a real eye-opener.

“I would love to perform there again,” she said.

“I want to perform as much as I can, whether that is in a competition or at a concert – the more I perform the more I grow as an artist.”

Mrs Niceforo noted how thrilled she was with Albina’s achievement.

“I was very proud of Albina on how she took the competition all in her stride – she did not show any sign of nerves,” she said.

“Albina was so comfortable with all competitors and the language barrier was non-existent as all competitors were so friendly towards each other.

“It was a well run competition with wonderful feedback offered to the finalists.”

Caption: MAKING HER MARK: Local Albina Niceforo’s performance at the Forte International Music Competition in New York City was an impressive one, having received a Gold Award for securing an impressive overall score of 94.

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