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Another groundbreaking innovation by Walkamin entrepreneurs

AUSTRLIAN FIRST: Krista and Rob Watkins of Natural Evolution in Walkamin have released another revolutionary product in the form of GUTHEALTH+ – an Australian first gut health 3-in-1 multifibre.

WALKAMIN entrepreneurial power couple and Natural Evolution founders, Rob and Krista Watkins have combined to once again release a ground breaking product and an Australian first in the form of GUTHEALTH+.

GUTHEALTH+ is the latest brainchild from Natural Evolution and is a 100% Australian grown, 3 in 1 Multifibre that is scientifically proven to support, promote and enhance gut health.

In common fashion for Natural Evolution their new product is 95% made from fruit and vegetables that would normally have been thrown out including green bananas and sweet potatoes.

Natural Evolutions journey all started in 2010 when Rob drove over some of the many lady finger bananas that his family farm used to sell and spotted a fine dust that burst from the ‘unwanted’ produce.

The rest is history after the Watkins new gluten free ‘Banana Flour’ flew off the shelves and propelled the creation of a world first company specialising in sustainability and food security innovation, Natural Evolution.

The new product from Natural Evolution contains a unique blend of the three fibre groups, vitamins and minerals and a host of prebiotics and probiotics to deliver a high quality Australian made and sourced product.

Natural Evolution Co-founder Krista Watkins said that her team has been working around the clock to not only produce GUTHEALTH+ but prove to its benefits through scientific research and study.

“People were looking for the complete pre and probiotic package, true to our form we’ve designed and delivered the best,” she said.

“Our overall wellbeing and mental stability all requires a healthy digestive system and this product is a breakthrough for gut health and wellbeing.

“We’re able to help people live their best life and support and grow rural communities at the same time.”

GUTHEALTH+ is a very special gut health product as it provides the maximum benefit to the gut by delivering as much of its ingredients as possible, as fast as possible.

“GUTHEALTH+ contains a very unique formulation, it’s a symbiotic for a start but the probiotic that is used doesn’t need to be refrigerated and it activates upon reaching stomach acids,” Krista said.

“Many other probiotics are not able to be heat or cold resistant and rarely reach the large intestine for maximum benefit.

“It might sound great popping a billion good bacteria in a pill but the chances that it ever reaches the place it needs to be is very low.”

Research undertaken by the University of Tasmania has proven that the combination of prebiotics and probiotics found within GUTHEALTH+ reduced the clinical manifestations and severity of Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Irritable Bowel Disease along with many other positive health benefits.

Looking back to 10 years ago when Rob made that fateful drive over a pile of discarded and unsuitable produce, he didn’t imagine what could have evolved from that movement.

“This will be a movement that changes and sustains the planet for the future,” he said.

“I always had a good feeling about bananas and this is a revolution that the Australian banana industry needs.

“GUTHEALTH+ will be received very well as years of product development has gone into creating this unique blend, supported by research proving its medicinal ability.”

GUTHEALTH+ will join the shelves alongside other revolutionary products produced by Natural Evolution.

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