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Are you eligible to phone vote?

Electors who live more than 20kms from a polling booth, are eligible to telephone vote.

The Electoral Commission of Queensland (ECQ) announced that more than 316,000 postal votes have already been returned and this is a trend that the ECQ would like to see continue.

Commissioner Pat Vidgen said it is great to see so many electors having their say in the 2020 State general election by ensuring their postal vote reaches the ECQ well before the deadline of 10 November.

“More than a third of the total of around 900,000 postal votes have already been returned to the ECQ for inclusion in the count, which begins after the close of polls at 6pm on Saturday 31 October,” he said.

“It’s very exciting to see electors heeding our message, acting as soon as they receive their voting material and returning their ballot paper straight away.

“I encourage electors to keep it up and return their complete postal ballot as soon as possible.”

Mr Vidgen said to put the numbers in perspective, there were a total of around 300,000 postal votes counted in the 2017 State general election.

“Of the around 300,000 postal votes returned for 2017, 168,000 were returned before election day,” he said.

“The fact we already have more back than the total returned in 2017, is remarkable.”

Mr Vidgen said if an elector hasn’t received their postal vote yet and they’re worried it may not arrive in time, they can still vote in person at an early voting centre or election day polling booth.

“Electors can only be marked off the electoral roll once so there’s no danger of anyone being able to vote twice,” he said.

“Electors who live remotely or more than 20kms from a polling booth, are also eligible to telephone vote.

“Australia Post took delivery of the postal votes on 21 October, following the close of nominations, the ballot paper order draw, and the printing of the ballot papers.

“It’s clear from the strong return numbers that Australia Post is working hard to ensure electors can postal vote successfully.”

Early voting, election day polling booths and telephone voting information is available at ecq.qld.gov.au.

Electors can also call 1300 881 665 for information, or to register for a telephone vote call 1300 912 782.

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