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Author inspires next generation

Author Will Kostakis with Mareeba State High School students at a creative writing workshop

MAREEBA State High School students were given a special chance to engage with young adult writer Will Kostakis last week. Mr Kostakis attended a special program in two parts of the day with one session in the morning and another in the afternoon.

“I got my first book deal while I was 17, I was still in high school,” he said.

“My first book came out when I was 19.

“And I’ve been touring schools ever since.”

Mr Kostakis went to a school that had regular author visits and supportive teachers who encouraged him to write.

“Now I’m in a position where I can give back and tour Australia,” he said. “Touring regional areas like Far North Queensland and sort of share my craft and inspire the next generation.”

The Sydney Native expressed his desire to involve regional areas in the writing industry.

“It means I’m living out of a suitcase a lot of the time,” he laughed. “Lots of motels but you know I get to see more of Australia and I get to see so many different kids.

“There are so many talented kids out there who are just looking for that little nudge that little bit of encouragement.”

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