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Brain Cancer survivor raises funds

 Katie Moule, Nate Moule and Gina Raccanello who is now raising funds for the Charlie Teo Foundation

A Brain cancer survivor on the Tablelands is now raising funds for the foundation that helped her to survive.

Gina Raccanello from Millaa Millaa was diagnosed with breast cancer and metastases in the lungs in 2013 and after 6 months of chemotherapy and a mastectomy, she was cleared.

Then in 2017 a 3.4cm and a 1.2 cm tumour was found in her brain. This time Gina chose Professor Charlie Teo, the renowned neurosurgeon in Sydney to operate.

Dr Teo successfully removed the tumours but unfortunately, due to the type of cancer the tumours returned. Further operations in 2018, 2019 and 2020 have helped to keep the tumours under control and allowed Gina to live a full life.

One person that Gina met through Charlie Teo is Nate Moule from Mareeba who recently celebrated his fourth birthday. Nate’s mother Kate was originally told that her son would be lucky to make a year, thanks to Dr Teo’s operations Nate has had extra years added to his life.

However, after 6 operations Dr Teo is now unable to help control Nate’s cancer any more.

Being a patient and meeting other patients of Dr Teo is the reason why Gina has chosen to fundraise for The Charlie Teo Foundation for Brain Cancer Research.

So Gina has organised two fun ways to help raise funds for The Charlie Teo Foundation.

With Super Hero Nate’s Mega Raffle which is a wheelbarrow full of prizes which is being drawn on October 3 and the Brain Wave Pigeon Sprint which is happening on September 26.

Both events will help raise funds for The Charlie Teo Foundation.

Gina said as a patient of Prof Charlie Teo she has been given the opportunity to live life to the fullest.

“The team of researchers at The Charlie Teo Foundation are looking at innovative ways to find the causes of brain cancer and their aim is to prevent it as well as finding cures, she said

“Brain Cancer acts differently to other body cancers as it is very clever in staying in control of itself.”

For more information go to www.ridewithcharlie.org or www.facebook.com/MalandaFundraiser


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