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Canteen Crusaders cruise though target

THE MAREEBA State High School showed its support for their school wheelbarrow race team through a fundraiser event last Thursday. The Mareeba State High School Canteen Crusaders have entered themselves into this years Great Wheelbarrow Race with the goal of raising money for Canteen.

The event showcased one student and two teachers shaving their heads with cut hair going to the Variety Kids Charity. The Canteen Crusaders have raised just over $2000 in support of cancer research and funding their team for the Great Wheelbarrow Race. Mareeba State High School student Kara Trimble said that this amount of money had most definitely exceeded their expectations. “We’ve fundraised through CrossFit, selling roses at Valentine’s Day and taking donations through the school,” she said “This is the first school Wheelbarrow Race team in a while. “Were just trying to raise awareness and show kids battling with cancer that Canteen can and will support them.”

The Canteen Crusaders will be running in this year’s Great Wheelbarrow race trying to raise money for Canteen. Deputy Principal Lisa Pershouse voiced her approval at the kids’ eagerness and involvement “It’s driven by the kids,” she said “If any team from the school wants to do the wheelbarrow race we will support them with staff, facilities and times to fundraise within the school.
“The Great Wheelbarrow Race is a community event, many students and teachers are already participating independently from the school through other teams.

For those interested in donating to the Canteen Crusaders Caffé Crema will be taking donations.

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