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Charity walk to donate to locals

WALKING FUNDRAISER: The annual ‘Speewah to the Hat’ charity walk this weekend will raise funds for a local family or families in need.

THE annual ‘Speewah to the Hat’ charity walk is scheduled for this weekend with more than 100 hikers set to make the trek from Speewah down to the Red Beret Hotel with all proceeds going to locals in need.

The walk has been going for over seven years with the last three years being a fundraising event to help people in need.

The idea was brought up to organiser of the walk, Mick Dowling, to raise money to help drought stricken farmers in need and so for the past three years it has become a charity walk with a new recipient chosen each year.

This year however the money will not be going where it usually does, Mr Dowling has decided to put the money raised to someone struggling within the 4881 district to receive the money raised.

People on the walk and others within the district are able to nominate someone who is “down and out and in need,” Mr Dowling said.

“I’ve put it out there for people to put in submissions to us as to who could really do with a helping hand.

“We will pick a couple of them and announce them on the day of the walk.”

The walk takes people from the Speewah Camp Ground down to the Red Beret Hotel in Redlynch going through the Douglas and Smith tracks down into Stoney Creek and finally into the Red Beret where they get some drinks and a well-deserved feed.

“It just started as a group of friends decided to go for a walk and has evolved into what it is now,” Mr Dowling said.

“It’s a bit of a combination day out in nature, having some fun in the sun and winding up with a couple of cold beers at the end.

“Everyone gets at the Red Beret at their own pace and leisure.”

The walk will take place on this Sunday, August 16 at 10am. The walk however is already at capacity and therefore any new expressions of interest will have to be turned away.

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