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Golf club turned tourist park

Visiting tourists with an itch for golf will be able to get that and more after the Ravenshoe Millstream Country Club applied for a Material Change of Use at last week’s ordinary Tablelands Regional Council meeting.

The motion for the Material Change of Use was passed unanimously by council after the country club put forward the idea to council on 19 June.

The approval means that the Ravenshoe Millstream Country Club will now be classed as a Tourist Park with 6 caravan/RV sites changing it from previous outdoor sport and recreation status.

Tourists will be able to come to the club, park their caravans/RV, have some drinks, have a feed and play some golf all in the same area.

Ravenshoe Millstream Country Club President Gavin Wright is delighted that the motion was passed in council.

“We have been approached by several groups of grey nomad golfers for somewhere to both stay and play,” he said.

“After that we looked at the club from a revenue point, the club is volunteer run and not-for-profit so we are always chasing a few bob to help the club.

“People generally park their caravans and have a look around the Tablelands; they go for a drive during the day come home in the afternoon have a few beers and play some golf.”

The project will not only provide traveling tourists a respite close to some beer and golf but also inject much needed funds back into the local communities

“People go touring around the Tablelands up through the gulf and come back down to the golf club, stay nearby,” Mr Wright said.

“So obviously the goods and services they need to their travels are sourced here in Ravenshoe.

Now being approved the decision on when to start development on the new caravan/RV spots falls on the club.

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