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Greater water source for Tableland communities

Friday saw the official opening of the Herberton Water Reservoir and Treatment Plant and the Ravenshoe Sewerage Treatment Plant Upgrade.

TABLELAND towns Herberton and Ravenshoe are now the beneficiaries of a crucial service after Friday signified the official opening of the Herberton Water Reservoir and Treatment Plant along with the Ravenshoe Sewerage Treatment Plant Upgrade.

The Herberton project was able to come to fruition after the Department of State Development, Infrastructure and Planning awarded the Tablelands Regional Council $2.3 million to ensure Herberton residents have a more reliable water source.

Construction on the project began back in 2017, and will go a long way in helping rectifythe water security problems that have plagued the region.

Herberton and its surrounds have continually been forced to adhere to multiple boil water notices, and now can drink and utilise their water with much greater confidence since the implementation of these developments.

When speaking on the water issues that have impacted Tablelands communities in recent times, Tablelands Regional Council Mayor Joe Paronella said projects like the ones seen in Herberton and Ravenshoe were of grave importance.

“We understand and recognise that this is a very serious issue (not just an inconvenience) affecting the community’s personal expenses, businesses and the liveability and desirability of their properties,” he said.

“As a council we want to assure the community we hear you and are committed to improving the quality and reliability of water across the region, and that’s evidenced with what we’ve done in Herberton and Ravenshoe.”

TRC Division 1 Councillor Kate Eden also thanked those who played an integral role in delivering a much-needed service to the region.

“I acknowledge the work of the previous council, particularly Shaaron Linwood for committing to both projects,” she said.

“Thanks to the staff and contractors, especially Manager Jon Turner for the change of scope to include the treatment plant at Herberton for nearly the same budget.”

In addition to the Herberton and Ravenshoe projects, TRC have outlined solutions in three key areas that will go a long way in combating the water issues moving forward.

The Water Business Strategy and Infrastructure Development Plan will determine the most efficient and effective solutions to improve the reliability of our water sources, and meet water quality requirements in accordance with Australian Drinking Water Guidelines.

It will also look at optimising the region’s water supply infrastructure to ensure potable water can be provided to the community at the lowest possible whole-of-life cost while meeting both current and future demands.

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