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Green thumbs gifted praise

2019 Mareeba champion gardener Millie Bernardi.

GARDENERS put down their tools to attend the annual Mareeba District Garden Awards presentation on Monday, July 8.

The awards were held at Mareeba’s Kerribee Park where Rodeo Queen Entrants were on hand to assist with the awards presentation. The afternoon was packed with gardening enthusiasts all eagerly awaiting the announcement of winners.

The awards this year included newly introduced categories giving a more diverse opportunity for gardeners to register their gardens for judging.

Mt Molloy State School was inducted into the Hall of Fame for winning the Most Sustainable Garden award three years in a row.

School garden specialist Juliana Russel was happy with the award and recognition.

“The kids did an excellent job, they love it,” she said.

“They were preparing since the start of the term”.

“We do our own garden competition at the school to give the kids an idea about the competition.

“We might give it a miss next year, give someone else a chance.”

Mt Molly Principal Dean Hardy was extremely proud of both his students and his staff.

“Our whole school community at Mt Molloy are looking forward to being able to celebrate this outstanding achievement with our students,” he said

“This award is an outstanding celebration and acknowledgement of the dedication and enthusiasm all of our students display towards learning.

“It is an incredible achievement for all of our students, gardener, community volunteers, parents and staff.” he said.

Mt Molloy State School employs the integration of the Kitchen Garden Program which provided the school with money enabling them to build a brand new kitchen.

“The integration of our Kitchen Garden Program provides our students with a wide range of opportunities to engage in the garden,” he said.

“It reinforces literacy, numeracy, science and all aspects of environmental sustainability.”

“The Mt Molloy State School will continue to invest in the Kitchen Garden Program well into the future to ensure our students have every opportunity to discover the exciting world of hands on learning,” he said.

“We will definitely be continuing to encourage our students to enter the awards well into the future.”

Mt Molloy State School wasn’t the only stand out contestant with Millie Bernardi winning the Champion Garden award.

Mrs Bernardi was stoked when she found out she won.

“This is my joy, this is my stress relief,” she said.

“You cannot prepare a month before or two months before.

“You have to have the love of gardening and the time to put the maintenance in.”

Mrs Bernardi believes that the garden should be almost ready by the time the awards roll around.

She will be preparing for next year’s competition hoping to hold her title as Champion Garden winner.

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