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Hodge’s plan to upgrade Ravenshoe Depot

Peter Hodge has outlined his plans for the Ravenshoe Depot if elected as Mayor at next year’s council elections.

Atherton’s Peter Hodge recently announced that he will be running for Mayor in next year’s Tablelands Regional Council election, and he has already began outlining his plans if his bid for the position is successful.

“Today I announce that if I stand and were to be elected at the next council elections, I will recommend to the new council that the Ravenshoe Depot be upgraded to the standard that is required to cater for delivery of a full maintenance and service crew for our plant that will operate out of this depot,” he said.

“The road network is now appalling, not only at the southern end of TRC but all over the region.

“It has been taking months to have potholes repaired, and I believe residents are aware that we have not had a traditional monsoonal wet season this year.”

Mr Hodge said he intends to revert back to the three maintenance crews we had before amalgamation.

“The road network is the most important part of service delivery of a local government,” he said.

“There will be one crew at Ravenshoe, one crew at Malanda and one crew at the Atherton industrial estate at Tolga.

“All crews will be provided with the resources that is necessary to bring back the road network to the required standard.”

Mr Hodge said the whole region relies on the road network, not only for farming outputs but all other economic activities including retail and tourism.

“The upgrade to the Ravenshoe Works Depot will be a significant effort in the revitalisation of the town of Ravenshoe, not only in economic terms but also social values as well,” he said.

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