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Motel’s construction “ahead of schedule”

Stage 1 of the Cape Gateway Motel is ahead of schedule according to its owner and developer Greg Williams, with construction set to be completed by April next year.

THE official opening of the Cape Gateway Motel on 3-5 Williams Close off the Peninsula Development Road is nearing, with the accommodation provider set to open its doors in April next year.

Cape Gateway Motel owner and developer Greg Williams said construction for Stage 1 of the motel is ahead of schedule.

“Construction for the most part has generally been smooth sailing,” he said.

“However with any project there are issues that you encounter, but I must say the builders along with everyone else involved has done a wonderful job.”

Mr Williams said Stage 1 of the Cape Gateway Motel will consist of a reception, bar, restaurant and 34-36 rooms.

“The accommodation will include a family unit, two onebedroom duplexes, 16 singleroom accommodation and 16 motel units at the back of the complex,” he said.

“There will also be a lawn area with facilities for RVs and caravans in the interim until Stage 2 is built.”

Mr Williams said he hopes to have Stage 2 of the motel finished within 18 months to two years – however he noted that its completion is dependent on its financial viability.

“I’m hoping to have Stage 2 built off the back of cash flow from Stage 1,” he said.

“Stage 2 will have approximately 28 rooms, and while we’re still determining its feasibility from a financial standpoint, it will be a lot cheaper than Stage 1 as we have all the infrastructure such as water, sewerage, electricity and street lights in place.”

Mr Williams said after studies courtesy of commercial valuers Herron Todd White along with economists, he’s confident he has found a gap in the market that he and the town of Mareeba can be the beneficiaries of.

“The reports outlined the current and future demand along with the traffic flow, and the research’s findings indicate a definite need for it in the area,” he said.

While Mr Williams noted his excitement about the challenges ahead, he said it has been a tougher project than first expected.

“It has been very stressful at times and has taken its toll, but I’m firing on all cylinders and ready for what lies ahead,” he said.

“I have to thank my family – particularly my daughter, son and grandson for all the help they have provided me throughout this project.”

Mr Williams said he has engaged a company to do the motel’s branding and marketing in the lead up to its opening in April.

“We’ve just secured our domain and all the rest of it so our marketing strategy is still a work in progress,” he said.

“My daughter will have a significant role in the social media branding and networking as she’s somewhat of an expert in that area and that will all start coming to fruition soon.

“We will also be using the more traditional tools to attract people moving forward so it’s exciting times ahead.”

The Cape Gateway Motel is yet a further indication of the strides Mareeba continues to make in adding to its tourism industry and economy as a whole.

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