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MSC and TRC look for new marketing partner

TRC Mayor Rod Marti has decided to go to market for tourism marketing.

Both the Mareeba Shire Council (MSC) and the Tablelands Regional Council (TRC) have decided to discontinue using Tourism Atherton Tablelands (TAT) for tourism and destination marketing and instead have decided to put the role out to tender.

In July of this year Tourism Tropical Tablelands rebranded with a new name (Tourism Atherton Tablelands) and also a new logo, TTT started about 34 years ago with the support of both the local councils.

Both councils had been funding TAT to the tune of $25,000 per council, per year.

According to TRC Mayor Rod Marti Council has decided to go to market for tourism marketing. “It’s important that Council looks at new ways, just because it’s been done one way for a long time doesn’t mean that’s the only way,” he said

“TRC and MSC have made this decision together.”

MSC Mayor Angela Toppin agreed that it was time to refresh and consider all market options.

“The TRC and MSC are looking at tourism and the best strategy or strategies very closely and we appreciate the work that TAT has done, “

“Tourism Atherton Tablelands (TAT) has been marketing the region on behalf of Mareeba Shire Council and Tablelands Regional Council for many years.

“Both Councils decided to review the marketing strategy for the region and have called for expressions of interest for suitably qualified agencies to develop and implement a three-year destination marketing proposal to attract visitors to their areas.”

Eddie Nye Chair of Tourism Atherton Tablelands said that the decision was a little disappointing.

“TAT is the strongest organisation for the job, we are a membership-based organisation and we have over 34 years’ experience in marketing the Tablelands.”

“We also have digital assets that are incredible and we have a strong group supporting us.

“With the change of councils, they felt that this was the best thing to do, regardless of the outcome TAT will continue to market the destination and advocate for our members.”

Mr Nye said that TAT was given about 6 weeks’ notice that the funding from the councils was coming to an end.

“Both councils felt like doing something different and seeing who is out there but I believe that the organisation best placed for the job is TAT.”

“We will be applying for both tenders and we will be putting our best foot forward.”

It’s believed that interested parties can tender for one or both council areas to market. Tenders will be assessed, and a recommendation will then be made to both councils for consideration.



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