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New butchers on the block

NEW SKILLS: The Beef Joint has bolstered their ranks after promising apprentice Sienna Alba joined the team and fellow apprentice Michael Able. Pictured is Beef Joint Owner Brodi Neal, School Based Apprentice Sienna Alba, Full Time Apprentice Michael Able and Manager Ayden Sue.

TWO local teenagers have been providing prime cut sides of beef and pork to tables across the region as Sienna Alba and Michael Able became butchers apprentices at Mareeba’s Beef Joint.

The Beef Joint is a Mareeba butchery that has been under the ownership and management of Brodie Neal since July 1, 2019 when he took over the long standing business.

Both Michael and Sienna are first year apprentices with Michael starting in January and Sienna commencing at the start of July.

Their apprenticeships will last for three years where they will learn the ins and outs of a butchery and what it takes to run the business.

Michael started his butchery career by becoming a ‘clean-up kid’ and became accustomed to the friendly and almost family like environment.

“I worked at the Beef Joint as a clean-up kid for a while, I took off and then came back and asked Brodie for an apprenticeship,” he said.

“I really like working here it’s such a great environment and I can see myself becoming a butcher down the track.”

Sienna’s love for food and creation pushed her to become a school-based apprentice at the Beef Joint where she was already doing odd jobs around the butchery.

“I just started off doing things like dicing and smaller jobs around the butchery,” she said.

Brodie is happy to be able to provide jobs to hard working local teenagers like Sienna and Michael.

“They both started off doing small jobs around the place and slowly progressed into the more technical and skills based jobs,” he said.

“Sienna has a love for food and creation and Michael is such a hard worker I couldn’t be happier with them.

“It’s a great feeling to be able to teach and pass along the things I know and to help them in the long run.”

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