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OPINION: The great Australian myth

Currently, there’s a disease that is spreading across Australia far more quickly than Covid-19

The great Australian myth

It was great to see Australia pulling together for the recent bushfires and floods with Celeste Barber raising over 50 million dollars. It was also great to see people donating blankets, food, water etc.

But how disappointing it is to see people now punching on over toilet paper amid the Coronavirus outbreak, last time I checked toilet paper wasn’t one of the five main food groups.

Currently, there’s a disease that is spreading across Australia far more quickly than Covid-19, and it’s called selfishness.

It’s been heartbreaking to see little old ladies wandering down the toilet paper aisle and seeing nothing but empty shelving.

I also saw an older man who once fought overseas for Australia reduced to tears because he couldn’t find anything on his meagre shopping list.

I’m starting to think that Australian qualities like mateship, a fair go for all and sacrifice are just jingoistic myths.

The supermarkets have announced that they will open early to allow pensioners and people with disabilities to shop.

Having an elderly hour isn’t something we should be proud of, it’s something we should be ashamed of and I can’t believe it has come to this.

There was also a report of a blind lady in Melbourne who has had toilet paper stolen from her basket. Right now I’m ashamed to be Australian.

We don’t have a toilet paper shortage we have a selfishness abundance.

But there have been some glimmers of hope, like 6-year-old Addyson Blain who took it upon herself to giveaway toilet paper that she bought with her own pocket money to the less fortunate in Mareeba.

I also heard about a local landlord who dropped the rent so the business leasing his property could continue to trade.

It’s examples like this that we all need to follow.

Right now we are more dependent on each other than ever before.

You may say that you’re putting yourself into self-isolation for the greater good, but when you were shopping did you think about that pensioner that can’t access his medicine or how about the parents that can’t find nappies or the single mum who can’t find pads and tampons?

Just like the bushfires, this should be the time that binds us and unifies us, not divides us.

When you can’t control what’s happening, challenge yourself to control the way you respond to what’s happening. That’s where the power is…

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