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Outstanding results from St Stephens

Megan Crane, Mikaela Millerd and Isabel (Arwen) Rose

The 2019, year twelve cohort of St Stephens Catholic College achieved excellent results with all students receiving either a Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE) or a VET qualification.

Of the thirty-two OP-eligible students, 34% received an OP (Overall Position) score between 1 and 5. Three students (Megan Crane, Mikaela Millerd and Isabel (Arwen) Rose) received an OP 1, three students attained an OP 2, one student and OP 3, three students and OP 4 and one student an OP 5.

Retiring Principal Ida Pinese is extremely happy with these results.

“These outstanding results are attributed to the commitment of students to their studies and the support and guidance they received from their teachers and parents, We are very proud of the efforts of all students in this cohort,” she said.

“As the last group to be awarded an OP, they have continued the legacy of excellent results achieved by past cohorts and the college community wishes them the very best in their future endeavours.”

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