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Pedal Power Revival

Robert Waters who is the store Manager of Northern Bikes in Atherton says he has seen a spike in sales

Pedal Power Revival

One positive to come out of the current COVID19 pandemic has been the increase in outdoor exercise that Queenslanders have been participating in during lockdown.

According to numbers supplied by Bicycle Queensland, there’s been between a 50 and 80 percent increase in bikes being ridden during lockdown.

Andrew Demack who is the Director of Advocacy at Bicycle Queensland says that some bike shops in Queensland have seen a rise in sales of over 300 percent

“There has also been a 200 percent increase in the sale of children’s bicycle helmets,” he said

“Most of the people we have seen out riding are families, it’s good for family fitness but also for the family by spending more time outdoors together.”

Robert Waters who is the store manager of Northern Bikes in Atherton says that while he doesn’t have exact numbers compared to last year, he does admit there has been a spike in sales.

“We are about 25% busier with sales and repairs and we’ve also sold lots of kid’s helmets,” he said

“Lots of parents are buying kids bikes to get them out of the house and into some fresh air as they realise it’s good for physical and mental health,

“People have also been bringing in their old bikes for repairs, especially those people who haven’t ridden in a while,

“The Supply of bikes is also getting difficult due to the warehouses being out of stock due to the unexpected spike in sales around the world.”

Mr Waters says that social distancing has also had an effect on local bike riding groups

“The Atherton flyers normally go out for a ride together and then go for a coffee afterwards. Now they have had to stagger their start times, so they’re not all riding together and then they go straight home. “

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