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Race club on track for big year ahead

New Mareeba Turf Club President Rex Petersen with wife Frances are looking forward to a great year ahead for the local race club.

THE Mareeba racing scene has received fresh blood in the form of a new committee for the Mareeba Turf Club after its annual general meeting last weekend.

Rex Petersen will lead the club after taking the reigns as the club’s new president and is looking to rebuild upon the foundation set by the previous committee.

“The last committee tried really hard, but they just had some bad luck,” he said.

“We’ve got a new team involved so let’s hope we can have a good year.”

Under new management the Mareeba Racecourse is set to see changes with Mr Petersen applying for grants to improve the grounds and facilities.

“I’m going to put in for some grants to improve the grounds,” he said.

“More stable facilities plus a new running rail, the current one is a bit past its time.

“At this point there are no major changes planned, things like this just need little things to help perk it all back up.”

Mr Petersen will also be monitoring the grounds more closely to watch for moisture to help create a better racing experience for everyone.

Well-known names on and off the track matter when promoting and organising races, Mr Petersen and his daughter Rowena are both well-known names in the racing scene.

Rowena and her mother Frances are now in charge of the Fashions on the Field for the upcoming Boxing Day races and the ones that follow.

“The Boxing Day races are the next big races to come to Mareeba,” Mr Petersen said.

“In fact they’re the only races after the Annuals – there are no smaller races in-between.

“So I hope everyone can get out there and support us, if we can get as many people out there as possible.”

Joining Rex is Alex Malliff and Georgia Sloane as vice presidents, Rhonda Stevens as treasurer and Cathy Sloane as the club secretary.

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