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School arts showcase

St Stephen’s Year 9 Drama class with their teacher Samantha Malcom after their performance at St Stephen’s Art Exhibition.

STUDENTS at St Stephen’s Catholic College (SSCC) were given the chance to present some of their hard work throughout the year to their parents and others with their recent art exhibition.

The art exhibition was held on Friday, October 16 and was an event that the students had been preparing for all year.

Not only were students showcasing their art work with paintings, drawings and sculptors but there were also music and drama performances.

SSCC Teacher Emma Ledlin was impressed with the work that the students had accomplished over the year and was proud to see them present it to the community.

“This art exhibition is a culmination of what we and the students have been able to achieve this year,” she said.

“The kids work so hard so it is lovely for them to be able to show that.

“Quite a bit of the art on show was done during isolation.”

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