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Student awarded coveted STEM award

Atherton State High School student Nikolas Edsen receives his Excellence in STEM Award by Minister Grace Grace (right) and Queensland chief scientist Professor Paul Bertsch (left).

THE nationally recognised STEM awards celebrate excellence in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics and are awarded to outstanding students, teachers, support officers, schools and education partners (volunteers, mentors and organisations) who demonstrate an outstanding and innovative contribution to STEM education in Queensland.

Atherton State High School student Nikolas Edsen was recently presented a STEM award by Minister Grace and Queensland chief scientist Professor Paul Bertsch for his excellence in Astronomy and Astrophysics. As an outstanding Senior STEM Student Award recipient, Nikolas has received a generous $5,000 which can be used for STEM related purchases and activities.

Nikolas is honoured to receive this coveted award.

“I think it is great that students and teachers are rewarded for the effort and dedication they put into STEM,” he said.

“Receiving this award has shown me the benefits of putting effort into school work and it’s great that I finally get something out of it.

“It has helped me realise that I can achieve so much to make a difference in the world if I put my mind to it and the same goes for anyone else.”

Nikolas has always been interested in STEM and is constantly working hard to push himself to his limits.

“I really enjoy STEM, because there is still so much to learn and discover,” he said.

“In grade 9, I started studying an advanced online course in Astronomy and Astrophysics through the Online College of Advanced STEM (OCAS).

“It showed me how much there is to learn about the universe.”

As the world is growing and expanding, new opportunities within the field of astrophysics are opened, and Nikolas is looking to grab these burgeoning opportunities with both hands.

“I still do not know exactly what sort of jobs this will bring me in the future, but definitely something in the STEM field,” he said.

“There are so many different jobs out there and some that do not even exist yet.

“I believe that STEM is one of the fastest growing fields, so it will be great to be involved.”

Nikolas believes that STEM holds solutions that are burdening our modern society and believes that in order to survive and effectively thrive, STEM is a field that should be thoroughly and rigorously examined. Nikolas’ interests aren’t just confined to the STEM field, as he also enjoys thoughtful discussion and learning the answers to some of the most fundamental and important questions about the world.

Nikolas was full of praise for those who helped him receive this prestigious award.

“I would especially like to thank David Platz for giving me the opportunity to challenge myself,” he said.

“I do not think I would have gotten this award without his help.

“I would also like to thank Atherton High School and my parents for supporting me to be the best I can.”

Nikolas recommends the STEM courses to any other high school students who are also interested in STEM and would like a challenge.

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