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Students stroll back into schools

Saint Stephens Catholic College Principal Kerry Manders is excited to welcome back students like Lily Maher and Kiara Fulton (pictured) into the classroom

Students will be enjoying their last couple of days of schooling out of the classroom with students between years 2 to year 10 going back to the classrooms next Monday, May 25.

Students between year 2 and year 10 will be joining their peers back in the classroom after prep to year 1 and year 11 and 12 students returned to their classrooms last Monday, May 11.

With students returning after nearly eight weeks of home school learning, a certain level of adjustment is expected for the students.

Both St Stephens Catholic College Principal Kerry Manders and Mareeba State High School Principal Scott Whybird are excited to have their students back in their classrooms.

“We are looking forward and are well prepared to welcome our students back into the classroom,” Ms Manders said.

“The first few lessons of the week that students return will focus on restoring the close ‘family’ like ties that students have with their peers.

“Our teaching staff have delivered a mammoth response to home based learning so students will be able to jump right back into their work.”

With eight weeks out of the classrooms parents are concerned that their students were not getting the same level of learning that they would in the classroom.

But Mr Whybird assures parents that this is not the case and the same amount of learning has been continued at home and the classroom.

“We are constantly looking to support our students during this period of uncertainty and adjustment,” he said.

“There are still options available to parents who would prefer to keep their children learning from home.

“There are still a lot of unknowns but we are prepared for the students to return.”

Whilst home-schooling will still be operating it will be at a much lower level now that teachers will have students back in their classrooms and won’t be able to continue online lessons.

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