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Yungaburra markets implement stronger COVID controls.

Social distancing will be encouraged by the Yungaburra markets social distancing fairies.

The Yungaburra Markets are back on again this Saturday with organisers saying there will be greater COVID precautions and more enforced social distancing than last month’s markets.

The return of the markets in July after several months of closure brought people out in droves to visit local artisans, farmers and stallholders.

Nicole Willinger who is the market coordinator said that the organisers learnt a lot from the reopening on the markets in July.

“The last markets were a great success and we have had numerous meetings since then.” She said

“We are now implementing more signage and we will be encouraging social distancing rules with our social distancing fairies.”

Nicole said that The Yungaburra markets were important for the whole town and not just for the benefit of the stallholders.

“We really want to impress the importance of responsibility when it comes to social distancing, if the markets are looking too busy, maybe visit some of the local shops instead.”

“Our peak time for traffic is from 10 to 11.30am, if people could come outside of those hours to relieve congestion that would be a bonus.”

Nicole also added that regardless of the precautions that the markets take, visitors need to also enforce their own social distancing. “No matter how much we do to implement a safe and successful market for our community, it all comes down to the personal responsibility of people who are attending to socially distance.”

The Markets are on this Saturday, August 22 from 7.30-12.30. For more information go to https://www.yungaburramarkets.com/




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