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Dimbulah Barras receive boost

Morgan Lewis of Stoller, Mark Robinson from Camp 64, Stephen Srhoj from Lindsay Rural, Callum Foo of the Gateway Hotel, Martin Shaw of Stoller and front, team captain Brandt Cummings and player/coach Jim Hatchman.

THE Dimbulah Soccer Club has seen an influx of support from the community in the form of sponsorships and new young players. The Dimbulah Barras senior team has been struggling for some years now, however captain coach Jimmy Hatchman said the club had a big push this year.

“This is mainly about the community and not just the team,” he said.

“We wanted something that the town could be proud of.

Dimbulah has had strong teams in the past and Jimmy Hatchman wanted to give the community something to get behind. “With the recent closure of the Dimbulah general store we wanted to push hard so there’s something there for the community.”

Local and national businesses have shown their support for the Dimbulah Football Club by their patronage enabling the club to afford new jerseys. The new sponsors for the club include Lindsay Australia, Stoller Australia, who sells a lot of their product in the Dimbulah area and Camp 64. Local businesses like the Gateway have also pledged their support for the revamped soccer club.

The club is looking promising with heightened numbers and is “a work in progress” as Jimmy Hatchman puts it. The Dimbulah Barras next home game is this Friday against Marlin Coast.

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