Fight night roaring success

Boxers At War 6 was a roaring success with the night hitting capacity early and a show of a lifetime was put on for those attending. Pictured are boxers Jai Lewin and Matthew Carrol with KAP candidate for Cook Tanika Parker and KAP Leader Robbie Katter.

SATURDAY night hosted the Bryde Boxing Gym Boxers at War 6 and had many competitors from all across the region attending and even more spectators.

With 21 fights scheduled for the night and one exhibition match the crowd was expected to be large but no one could have guessed the numbers the fights attracted.

With a capacity of 500 nearly filled within an hour of the fights starting many people were turned away once they hit capacity due to COVID restrictions.

Matthew Carrol fought hard and with an aura of professionalism to get the belt and beat his Thursday Island opponent for the main fight at the end of the night.

“It was an awesome fight it was like a professional bout, people were walking out saying top show, great show,” said Bryde’s Boxing Gym owner Wayne Bryde.

“The crowd was really getting into it and we had no incidents.

“That’s what you want to hear when you host a night like this.”

The first title fight didn’t go as smoothly, with Xavier Richardson losing to his Home Hill opponent by decision after a tough battle.

Lachlan McWaters was raring to go for his debut match but was put to a stop quickly hitting the canvas early, he tried to recover but the Reff put a stop to the bout quickly.

Australian Katter Party (KAP) Leader Robbie Katter and KAP candidate for Cook Tankia Parker both attended the night with belts being presented to the victors by Mr Katter.

Brydes Boxing Gym would like to express their thanks to the many different people and volunteers who made the night the great success it was.

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