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2020 council election ballot order has been announced.

The Electoral Commission of Queensland (ECQ) has announced the paper ballot draw for the upcoming Tablelands (TRC) and Mareeba Shire Council (MSC) elections.  The ECQ randomly selected the placement of all mayoral and councillor candidates for the ballot papers.

Rod Marti has secured the top spot on the ballot for the TRC mayoral position followed by current TRC deputy Mayor Katrina Mellick. The two newcomers Peter Beattie and Ken Carey have taken out spots 3 and 4 respectively

THE ECQ’s mayoral draw for TRC


The ballot draw for TRC councillors.

Division 1 Councillor Kate Eden has taken the top spot on the TRC councillors draw. Followed by Annette Haydon and David Clifton rounding out the top 3. Current Division 3 councillor David Bilney has taken the bottom spot.


At the MSC, the two-horse race between Angela Toppin and Edward (Nipper) Brown for the mayoral position, has seen Ms Toppin land the top spot in the 50/50 chance.

THE ECQ’s mayoral draw for MSC


The councillors ballot draw for the MSC has seen relative council newcomers, Danny Bird, John Brisbin and Terry Newman take the top 3.

While current MSC councillor Lenore Wyatt has got the bottom spot.

The MSC councillors ballot draw.                                                           


For more information and to see the complete ballot draw click here:

Queensland’s next local government quadrennial elections will be held on Saturday, 28 March 2020.  Elections will be held for mayors and councillors across Queensland’s 77 councils.

Voting in local government elections is compulsory.  



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