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Best tourist attraction on the Tablelands announced

Historic Village Herberton Manager Judy Cooper was very pleased for the Village to be awarded the best tourist attraction on the Tablelands

TO celebrate the tenth year of providing free and independent news, The Express been searching for the ‘Best of the Tablelands’ and for the past week we asked readers “Where is your go to tourist attraction for when you have visitors?”

After the votes were counted  the Historic Village Herberton was the winner of the best tourist attraction on the Tablelands, as voted by our readers.

Historic Village Herberton general manager Judy Cooper,  was surprised and humbled with the receiving of the award.

“It’s wonderful because it shows that our local residents are proud of what we have here,” Judy said.

“We have a lot of people coming back time and time again.”

Judy believes that the presentation and atmosphere of the historic village is what makes them different.

“There is so much to see here and there is something for everybody,” she said.

“Sometimes we have the husbands losing the wives then other time the wives losing the husbands.”

Historic Village Herberton was also voted the tenth best tourist attraction in Australia by Trip Advisor, going up against places like the Australian War Memorial in Canberra.

This week we are looking for the best ‘Hairdresser’ on the Tablelands.

Where do you go to get your fresh cut or colour? Vote now on our Facebook page, phone 4092 3464 or email us at editorial@theexpressnewspaper.com.au

The winner will be announced Monday, March 2.

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