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Cairns man threatens to blow up plane and shoot crying baby

A Jetstar flight from Cairns to Perth had to turn around after a man on board threatened to blow up the plane.

Australian Federal Police have charged a Cairns man who threatened to shoot a crying baby and blow up the plane.

The 45 year old man was on the Jetstar flight from Perth to Cairns on Friday morning when he also allegedly tried to get two underage girls to watch pornography on his laptop.

He then allegedly started swearing and made offensive comments to other passengers.  The captain of the plane was then forced to turn around an hour into the flight and return to Perth.

Police alleged the passenger was drunk at the time of the incident. The Cairns man appeared in Perth Magistrate’s Court on Friday charged with allegedly making threats regarding aviation security. He has been refused bail and has been banned from flying with Qantas and Jetstar.

Passengers were given replacement flights later that day.

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