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Far North Queensland councils will receive a multi-million dollar funding boost in this week’s federal budget to assist them with local road and safety projects.

Sixteen councils across the region will receive a funding boost* as part of the government’s highly-successful Roads to Recovery Program.

All councils will receive an additional 25 per cent funding boost to their already budgeted amounts.

Federal Leichhardt MP Warren Entsch said the highly successful Roads to Recovery Program was a collaboration between federal and local governments.

He said the federal government would continue to support Far North Queensland councils with the ongoing maintenance of local road infrastructure, facilitating greater access and improved safety, economic and social outcomes.

“These additional funding under the Roads to Recovery Program is great news for Far North Queensland,” Mr Entsch said.

“This funding provides councils with the ability to further invest in upgrading local roads, thereby helping to improve safety for all motorists.

“This funding will also lead to economic growth but more importantly job creation in communities right across our region.

“One of the best aspects of this program is local councils, who have the local knowledge, decide which projects should be made a priority.

“The program is particularly important for the more remote communities in Far North Queensland who rely on this funding to build and maintain the infrastructure their communities need.

“This is about listening, acting and delivering for all Far North Queensland communities.”

Mr Entsch said the funding boost to councils under the Roads to Recovery Program was part of a wider $2.2 billion road safety funding package that will be announced in the federal budget.

“Road safety is everyone’s responsibility but the government has a key role in delivering safer roads and vehicles,” he said.

“I am proud to be part of a government that is committed to play its part in getting Far North Queenslanders home safely from every journey on our roads.

“In addition to the $1.1 billion in funding nationwide for local governments under the Roads to Recovery program, the government will invest an extra $550 million for the successful Black Spot Program, which targets known high-risk locations and reduces serious crashes by 30 per cent on average.

“Far North Queensland has been particularly successful in receiving funding under the Black Spot Program, and I would expect that continue into the future.”


Council:                                                                 Current R2R Allocation:                                     Additional Funding:                               New Total:


Aurukun Shire Council                                            $214,996                                                              $53,749                                                     $268,745

Cairns Regional Council                                         $7,322,071                                                           $1,830,518                                                $9,152,589

Cook Shire Council                                                 $5,115,662                                                           $1,278,916                                                $6,394,578

Douglas Shire Council                                            $1,097,347                                                           $274,337                                                   $1,371,684

Hope Vale Aboriginal Shire Council                        $254,913                                                              $63,728                                                     $318,641

Kowanyama Aboriginal Shire Council                     $629,723                                                              $157,431                                                   $787,154

Lockhart River Aboriginal Shire Council                  $322,973                                                              $80,743                                                     $403,716

Mapoon Aboriginal Council                                     $106,959                                                             $26,740                                                      $133,699

Mareeba Shire Council                                            $4,598,660                                                          $1,149,665                                                $5,748,325

Napranum Aboriginal Shire Council                        $325,820                                                              $81,455                                                     $407,275

Northern Peninsula Area Regional Council            $709,769                                                              $177,442                                                    $887,211

Pormpuraaw Aboriginal Shire Council                    $987,774                                                               $246,944                                                   $1,234,718

Torres Shire Council                                                $625,152                                                              $156,288                                                   $781,440

Torres Strait Island Regional Council                      $777,151                                                               $194,288                                                   $971,439

Wujal Wujal Aboriginal Council                                $39,825                                                                $9,956                                                       $49,781

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