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KUR-World receives support from local Indigenous groups

THE multi-million KUR-World development has found some unlikely support from a local Aboriginal group despite the thousands of objections to the eco-resort’s Environmental Impact Statement (EIS).

The Muliridgi people, whose tribal boundary adjoins KUR-World, has been in discussions with the resort’s General Manager Mark Lawson for more than a year about the impact the development will have on the Aboriginal people in the area.

Muliridgi spokesman Duncan McInnes said his people were attracted to the jobs and training which will be offered to local applicants.

“There are almost no jobs in the Kuranda and Mareeba areas so we have welcomed the resort and its university which will spare students from travelling to Cairns,” he said.

“We will also have the opportunity to manufacture artefacts for sale to tourists at the resort.”

A major talking point of the development has been the effect the influx of tourists as a result of KUR-World will have on the already congested Kuranda Range Road; however that is a problem that needs to be rectified by the State Government according to Mr McInnes.

“The State Government has the responsibility for upgrading the range and the resort should force them into action,” he said.

“The government has been stalling for years and the road should have been upgraded to accommodate the extra people who have moved into the new housing estates in Mareeba over the past five years.”

KUR-World Project Director Mark Lawson said they have been working with multiple Aboriginal groups in the area.

“We have been in discussions with them about the economic opportunities that are possible with the KUR-World development,” he said.

“Their involvement is something we are looking to continue.”

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