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Queensland Health all quiet about Covid-19.

Novel coronavirus (COVID-19)

In the wake of the current Pandemic sweeping across Australia, Queensland Health has refused to answer questions directly relating to Covid-19 and the preparedness of Mareeba and Atherton hospitals to cope with the pandemic.

All this week The Express has asked specific questions to the department relating to Covid-19 and the Tablelands.


What precautions have been taken by CHHHS on the Tablelands in preparation for Covid-19?

Have any additional resources been supplied to the Tablelands for Covid-19?

Does either of the Tablelands hospitals have facilities to treat and contain infectious diseases?

Are there any people currently in isolation or quarantine for Covid-19 on the Tablelands?

Has anyone with Covid-19 symptoms reported to any CHHHS facilities?


We then received a response from the Queensland Department of Health, part of that response read:

Queenslanders can feel confident that local health authorities are leaving no stone unturned in keeping them safe from novel coronavirus (COVID-19).

Our experienced team of experts have responded well to health emergencies in the past, and we will do it again. While working hard on containing the virus, the team has also been planning the next phases of our response to keep Queenslanders safe.  

(To read the full response go to The Express website)


We then asked again for answers to our specific questions about the Tablelands and a QLD Health spokesperson said:

“Queenslanders can feel confident that we are doing everything we can to protect Queenslanders from Covid-19”

When we asked again about our questions specific to the Tablelands, we were told to resubmit our questions.

We did and 24 hours later we received another generic response.

“Queensland Health has strategies in place to ensure we are well prepared for all COVID-19 scenarios and aligned with our interstate and federal counterparts.

‘The community can rest assured that all necessary work is going on to best prepare for local outbreaks of COVID-19.”

(To read the full response got to The Express website)

We then asked yet again for a specific response to Tableland questions, at the time of publication we are still waiting

Watch this space.





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