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Robbie Katter takes the reins of the KAP 

New leader of The KAP, Robbie Katter - Source Facebook.

Katter’s Australia Party (KAP) announced today that Robbie Katter is taking over as head of the Katter Australia Party taking the job from his father Bob Katter who founded the party in 2011.

Robbie Katter who is also the State Member for Traeger said he’d been eager to inject himself into the political game at a high level.

“I’ve been champing at the bit, waiting to unleash, and now I’ve been passed the ball I’m ready to run through the gap,” Robbie Katter said.

“Australian politics needs street fighters and we will continue that effort.

“Queensland needs someone not to talk about the Bradfield Scheme but to build it’ he said.

“Under new leadership, we will steamroll October’s State Elections and come out in a position of influence.

Outgoing KAP leader and Federal Member for Kennedy, Bob Katter said it was time Robbie stepped up to the plate.

“To our enemies, this will free up time for me to go after your heads, and to ensure this nation is built the way it was meant to be built,” Bob Katter Jnr. said.

“We may be going through the worst period of unfairness since the First World War.”

Member for Hill Shane Knuth said Robbie had come a long way since playing Rugby League with him in the 90s.

“Since being elected under the KAP banner in 2012, Robbie has been able to draw from Bob’s experience and knowledge,” Mr Knuth said.

“Combining this with Robbie’s fresh approach (this) has positioned the KAP as a proven force in the political arena.

“While Robbie takes the reins on the KAP – there is no doubt about it, Bob will continue to be a thorn in the side of his political rivals,” Mr Knuth said.

Hinchinbrook MP, Nick Dametto congratulated Bob and Robbie Katter on the transition of the leadership of Katter’s Australian Party.

“This would have to be the most significant political moment for North Queensland since the Party’s inception,” Mr Dametto said.

“This transition will ensure that North Queenslanders who back the principles and values of the KAP will have strong leadership to deliver for North Queensland for years to come.

The announcement comes off the back of the news that member for Kennedy Bob Katter was planning on relocating his office from Charters Towers to Mareeba.

At the time Bob Katter was quoted as saying there were three main reasons why he is opening an office in Mareeba.

“First it’s the heartland of the Kennedy Electorate, second if we get the balance of power in Queensland Parliament by taking Cook we can get more done and more money for the region, Third the development potential for Mareeba and surrounds is huge”

The move is seen as filling the vacuum left by Local Member Cook Cynthia Lui, who moved her electorate office out of the Cook electorate and into Cairns last year.

“This move has nothing to do with Cynthia moving her office to Cairns, but if you think I’m not going to take advantage of that situation, then you believe in fairy tales.”

Its believed that Parliament has approved the move in principle but was yet to approve or announce the address for the new office.



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