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Senior leaders welcomed

ATHERTON State High School recognised their senior leaders last Thursday as they held their annual Welcome Ceremony.

The ceremony saw the class of 2019’s school captains, vice-captains, student council and indigenous ambassador recognised in an official capacity as the school year is now in full swing.

Atherton State High school captains Tahlia King and Riley Vallance noted their excitement about being selected in the roles.

“It means a lot to be a part of the leadership program at Atherton High,” Riley said.

“It is quite daunting being my last year, however I’m confident I’ll be able to balance my study commitments and the responsibilities of being a school captain because we’re well catered for here at the school.”

Tahlia said her interest in helping the school was what inspired her to run for school captain.

“I was in much smaller leadership positions in year 8 and 9, however they allowed me to get exposure and gain some of the necessary skills it takes to be a successful leader,” she said.

The cohort’s vice captains for 2019 are Amber Broomhall and Jordan Dennis, who cited previous school leaders as big reasons as to why they wanted to take up the position.

“Last year’s school captain Hayley Fullgrabe was a big inspiration for me, I knew her personally and she helped pave the way in creating a change in the way we view leadership. It’s a far more desired position to be in now because of her work in 2018,” she said.

Fellow vice-captain Jordan said his older brother being school captain at Atherton High coupled with him wanting to see change were big factors in his decision to be a part of the 2019 leadership group.

“Unlike a lot of the other members of the leadership group, I initially didn’t want to be a leader,” he said.

“It wasn’t until I saw my brother in the position that it influenced me. And now that I’m in the role I want ensure I don’t sit on the sidelines and ease my way through the year, I want to make a change where I can.”

Another leadership position which can at times be overlooked for its integral work is the President of the student council.

Their work in organising school activities, community service efforts and social events are crucial in developing a healthy culture at the school.

The class of 2019’s student council President is Connor Le’Gear.

“I want our student council to be a platform for students to have their say within the school and community,” Connor said.

“My aim is to be extremely present in this role so that we are heard as a student council and can take action at the school.”

Caption: The class of 2019’s student leaders were recognised last Thursday at the Atherton State High held their annual Welcome Ceremony.

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