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Tolga Bat Hospital wins big.

Jennefer Mclean Director of the Tolga Bat hospital which is now in the top 10 per cent of attractions in the world according to Trip Advisor

The Tolga Bat Hospital has recently been acknowledged as one of the top attractions in the world according to Trip Advisor reviewers.

According to the travel and rating site, “Reviews from millions of Tripadvisor travellers place this (The Tolga bat Hospital) attraction in the top 10% worldwide.”

Director of the Tolga Bat hospital Jennefer Mclean said the high rating was because visitors could get up close with a number of different bat and flying fox species.

“Visitors can get up close to the bats when they are feeding, it gives them a personal experience and an emotional bond between the person and the animal,” she said

Jennefer said the hospital has about 6 different types of bats and flying foxes and about 5 different types of microbats on display.

“All the bats are different to each other, they eat different food and they have distinct personalities,” she said.

“We are only open from 3-6pm because that’s when the bats come down to feed, so you can get up close and appreciate their different characteristics.”

“We are one of the only places in the world where you can meet so many different types of bats up close.”

Ms Mclean said due to COVID tour numbers had been reduced to only about 6 people per tour.

“Our numbers are down due to COVID and social distancing, which means we are getting fewer people through the gate, but it means visitors are getting a more personable and quality experience, “she said.

“After people have visited they also feel more educated about bats and their habitats.”

According to Trip Advisor “The Travellers Choice winners are calculated on the millions of reviews and opinions collected in a single year from travellers around the world on Tripadvisor,” they wrote.

“The awards take into account the quality and quantity of traveller’s reviews, and ratings specific to each award category. The hallmark of winners is and will continue to be remarkable service and quality experiences for travellers.”

The Tolga Bat Hospital Visitors Centre is open daily from 3 – 6 pm, but bookings are essential.

Jennefer also said that Little Red Flying foxes have returned to the Tolga scrub as locals had discovered some of them caught on barb wire fences.

“If anyone spots a flying fox caught on a fence or in any sort of distress or injury please call the bat hospital on 4091 2683.”


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