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TRC: Rod Marti waits to claim victory.

Rod Marti is reluctant to claim victory yet in the TRC Mayoral race.

In what is being seen as a backlash against the current Tablelands Regional Council (TRC), current Deputy Mayor Katrina Mellick has announced on social media that “even though only 50 per cent of the vote has been counted. It’s looking like it’s very much in Mr (Rod) Marti’s favour.”

Former Division 4 Councillor Rod Marti and incumbent Deputy Mayor Mellick were both seen as the favorites for mayoral role in what started as a four horse race.

Mr Marti spoke to the Express early this morning saying that it was too early to claim victory “I will wait until a few more votes are counted before claiming victory but it does seem like I am in the box seat”

“It’s difficult to see a way out for Katrina here, but I will just wait before saying anything.”

Mr Marti also noted “there’s going to a be few tight contests right across the TRC area and there is no urgency to claim victory”

At the time of publishing

Mr Marti had – 46.75%

Katrina Mellick – 32.05%

Peter Beattie – 14.25%

and Ken Carey – 6.95%

More details soon

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