Tablelands single wants a farmer.

Atherton local Emma Hayes is now on Channel Sevens Farmer Wants a Wife.

Emma Hayes grew up in Atherton and Tolga before moving to Brisbane to further her hairdressing career. Now the 33-year-old business owner is looking for love on Channel 7’s Farmer Wants a Wife.

Emma went to school at Atherton State primary and Atherton High, growing up on the tablelands meant that she has an attraction for country boys.

“A man in an Akubra is hot, I also don’t mind a guy with a beard and he has to be handy with his hands, someone who works on the land is my type of guy,” she said

“I prefer a guy who is a bit more rugged rather than metrosexual city boys.”

Emma who is now based in Brisbane said she was having no luck in love in Brisbane and after being single for five years, said it was now time to put her love life first.

“Going onto Farmer Wants a Wife meant I could put my heart and soul into finding Mr Right.”

On the TV show, Emma was picked to spend time with Farmer Nick who owns a vineyard in Deviot, Tasmania.

Despite the long distance between Brisbane and Tasmania Emma said she is a lover of love “I would do anything for love, there is no reason why I couldn’t open a second salon in Tasmania or he may be willing to move to Queensland.”

“Owning a vineyard is also a bit of a bonus.”

Emma said that what’s inside was more important to her than looks “I think what’s on the inside matters more than what you look like on the outside. I’m keen to get to know Nick and his values.”

Not only is Emma looking for a country boy she also has a few other boxes that she likes ticked. “I like an emotionally intelligent guy, someone who will be there for the good and the bad and someone with a really big heart,” she said

“Being a hairdresser I’m also a little fussy about men’s hair, men need to have hair.”

Emma said she will be back on the Tablelands visiting family before the end of the year and if things don’t work out with Nick she is open to finding a country boy from Tablelands. “Maybe I could do some speed dating of hairdresser wants to find a farmer.”





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