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Accommodation in Atherton set for a boost

The Atherton Motel upgrade is underway and owner and operator Robert Monk is hoping it will bring a signifi cant boost to the Tablelands economy.

THE construction of ten rooms that will be added to the Atherton Motel is well underway and on schedule.

The Express spoke with the accommodation provider’s owner and operator Robert Monk when construction began earlier this year, where he alluded to his vision of capitalising on an underutilised tourism industry on the Tablelands.

With it now coming to fruition, the additional ten rooms to the already existing 18-room complex will open up a myriad of business opportunities according to Mr Monk, and they are ones he is eagerly anticipating once it is completed early next year.

“We feel there’s a gap in the market here in Atherton in terms of accommodation, particularly for tourists,” Mr Monk said.

“With 28 rooms we can cater for far more people, including business professionals, selfdrive and coach tourists along with our regulars.

“The Atherton Tablelands is a beautiful place with a number of natural attractions that are to be enjoyed, and we’re confident with modernised rooms it will further encourage those tourists
visiting the region to contemplate an extended stay.

“And with that comes great economic opportunity for Atherton as a whole, as during that time spent here they will put their hard-earned money into the local businesses across town.”

In addition to the gains in tourism that could be seen as a result of this development, Mr Monk will also be offering space at the motel that can be used for conferences.

“There are a number of businesses and organisations here in Atherton and across the region that hold regular conferences,” he said.

“We already hosted conferences in the past but these renovations will make for a much better space and we’ve already had a number of enquiries regarding that which is a really good sign.”

Mr Monk said the feedback he has received from fellow members of the Atherton business community has been extremely positive.

“Everyone I’ve spoken to is of the opinion that more accommodation is needed here on the Tablelands,” he said.

“And this community is fantastic for reciprocal trade, so the support we’ve felt throughout this project will definitely be repaid.”

Mr Monk said he would like to thank the community and in particular Adrian Formosa and his team at A&C Constructions.

“Adrian has done a wonderful job getting here on time every day and working tirelessly to ensure this is on schedule,” he said.

“This is an exciting project and the relatively smooth process that has been experienced from the planning stage to now is largely in part to the hard work by Adrian and his team.

“We can’t wait to bring something like this to the Atherton Tablelands.”

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