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Australia post hiring drive in midst of COVID-19

Australia Post has now hired 600 casual workers after increasing demand for packages to be delivered now that people are stuck home in isolation.

Australia Post will be hiring 600 casual workers to help ease the strain on their delivery system as Australians are now staying indoors and online shopping.

A huge strain has been put upon the national postal service with them delivering nearly two million parcels every day since Easter, a whopping 90 percent increase since this time last year.

15 new processing facilities have been repurposed and reopened as well as Australia Post is struggling under the burden of such heavy demand.

In a statement released late last month Australia Post Acting Chief Operating Officer Rod Barnes stated that the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the normal practice of delivery.

“With our business adapting to the challenges the current COVID-19 pandemic presents, our normal practice of delivery has been impacted,” he said.

“We are experiencing significant delivery delays due to limited flights, hygiene and social distancing requirements in our network to preserve the community’s safety.

“For the last four weeks, we have been operating our processing and delivery services seven days a week, with our dedicated staff working on rotation over the 24-hour period, each day.”

700 posties and StarTrack drivers have also been refocused to help increase the number of vans on the road and the speed on parcels delivered.

An additional eight freighter flights have also been chartered to increase the postal services output.

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