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Bartering for spare squares of toilet paper.

Jaques Coffee of Mareeba are asking if you can spare a square?

The toilet paper situation has gotten so bad on the Tablelands that one business has taken to bartering for spare squares.

Jaques coffee in Mareeba posted on social media yesterday  “Help us restock or you will have to BYO soon.. All our wholesale suppliers are out now too. This has gotten out of hand, accepting until we have enough again… please share #desperatetimes

Robert Jaques who is the Operations Manager at Jaques coffee said “We are finding it impossible to find toilet paper, all of our wholesalers are out, we have tried O’Donnell’s, DP Cleaning and Bidvest in Cairns and they are all out”

So he decided to try bartering as a way to replenish much-needed stock.

“If you bring in 3 rolls we will give you a free coffee, if you bring in a 36 pack we will give you a free one-kilogram bag of beans or ground coffee”

Mr Jaques said ‘we only have half a carton of rolls left which will see us through to about Thursday or Friday.”

Jaques Coffee Plantation is at 137 Leotta Rd, Mareeba.

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