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Carrington up for renovations

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The Carrington Hotel in Main Street Atherton has been a staple of the tablelands for many years, and starting this year it’s getting a modern makeover at the hands of owner Tom Hedley.

Mr Hedley has an impressive portfolio of bars and pubs around the country including his crown jewel; the Red Beret, standing tall and proud in Redlynch.

With the change of times, tastes in bars also change, with the success of the hideaway bar ‘Three Wolves’ in Cairns, Mr Hedley is planning to adapt a similar approach in his renovations of the Carrington.

With a proposed 30 table dining area with an accompanying new kitchen, bistro area and playground, the Carrington is set to give its competition a run for their money.

The new hotel will also feature a ‘yuppies’ style bar, similar to the alleyway cocktail bar ‘Three Wolves’ in Cairns.

With the Barron Valley hotel and Atherton Hotel only a stone’s throw away, Atherton’s main strip will be buzzing with life and contest.

The renovations are set to start in March with a possible finish date uncertain

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