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Construction in full swing at Atherton Hospital

The Atherton Hospital redevelopment can be seen fully underway after this aerial photo was taken of the construction.

The redevelopment of the Atherton Hospital has been underway for the past couple of months and progress can clearly be seen from the ground, and from the air.

A photo was taken by a pilot from Queensland Government Air (QG Air) who was on approach to the Atherton Hospital site, and the sheer size of the redevelopment is clearly seen.

Amongst all of the new footpaths, buildings and other constructions projects visible what stands out the most is the sheer size of the new helipad compared to the old one.

QG Air Base Manager and Senior Pilot Phil Frost said that he was very impressed with the size of the new helipad.

“We were so impressed with the helipad construction from the air that we had to take a photo,” he said.

“This shows how it will be much safer for landing and take-off for pilots and patients.

“We are pleased that the health service has included this critical infrastructure for the Tablelands community in the redevelopment.”

Along with the new helipad, Internal roadways are under construction to improve patient safety, a large staff car park and a new engineering services building to replace the old helipad are also on the to do list.

Atherton Hospital Director of Nursing Ann Aitken said the health service was delighted with progress at the hospital redevelopment.

“As you can see a lot of working is taking place around the grounds of the hospital,” she said.

“The roof is on the new Community and Allied Mental Health Building (CAMHB) in Jack Street and internal walls and fittings are being completed and behind this a new Q fleet carpark is being completed.

“This portion of work will be handed back to the hospital by the principal contractor FKG Group later this year before work begins on the next stage, the Clinical Services Building.”

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