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Dentists see huge decline in business

My Mareeba Dentist co-owners Samuel Nastasi and Peter Blake have had to change how their business operates after restrictions took 80 percent of their business away.

Dentists across the country have had nearly 80 percent of their business stripped from them as new restrictions are put into place barring some basic dental procedures.

As of Thursday, March 26 dentists were placed into level three restrictions, they were then only allowed to do emergency procedures that require immediate attention.

Co-owners of My Mareeba Dentist Samuel Nastasi and Peter Blake have seen a near 50 percent decline in business since the restrictions were put in and are expecting a bigger decline as the restrictions are suspected to jump to level 4.

“We have been forced to restrict all of our services, so now we are only open to people requiring urgent dental care,” Samuel said.

“A very large chunk of our business has been taken away .

“We have been restricted from using tools that produce aerosol which are high speed handpieces and ultrasonics, which are used everyday.”

My Mareeba Dentist can now only perform extractions of teeth and urgent dental care in the case of an accident.

“For instance if a kid falls over and smashes his teeth we can attend to that, we can now mainly do trauma and extraction,” Samuel said.

“Bare essentials treatments only.”

Appointments for the dentist at My Mareeba Dentist are now completely online as they have closed their doors and are accepting call ins only where they will organise a time to see a dentist.

My Mareeba Dentist has advised people who are coming in to get a procedure done to self screen before coming into the dentist and follow the government guidelines to help stop the spread of COVID-19.


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