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Difficulties for new parents under COVID-19 pandemic

Hayden and Amy Matthews from Tolga have had to experience first hand the struggles of delivering new life into the world amidst the COVID-19 pandemic

With all of the new rules and regulations that are being enforced by the Australian Government, parents are caught at a huge disadvantage when bringing new life into the world, just like new parents Hayden and Amy Matthews.

The 26 and 27 year old couple from Tolga brought their son into the world at Cairns Private Hospital on April 15 2020, in a non-traditional manner under the new COVID-19 rules and restrictions.

The young couple had been advised to self-isolate before going into the hospital by their doctor, while in hospital for the five days, husband Hayden was screened and tested every time he left the room.

“Even when he was just going to get something from the car,” wife Amy said.

“They were asking him the same questions and doing the same checks even though he had been in the hospital for two days.”

Even after young Tate Matthews was born no family were allowed to visit including Hayden and Amy’s parents, Tate’s grandparents.

“We were up on the second floor with a window so that was the best they had at that time,” Hayden said.

Amy was bedridden after a difficult delivery and new father Hayden only had the support of the hospital midwifes, as family were not allowed to visit or assist.

Being a new parent, looking after your bedridden wife and newborn son with no outside help from experienced family members was a tough challenge for Hayden.

“It was really hard on Hayden trying to do everything he could,” said Amy.

“It’s been really tough for me as well, being so family orientated and coming from a strong family background it was tough for me not to let them see Tate.

“We are doing better now that family can visit but we are still following the advice of the doctors; no outside contact with Tate and they must stay a certain distance away.”

The Matthews would like to express their thanks to the midwifes at the Cairns Private Hospital.

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