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First exercises held at new Disaster Coordination Centre

Emergency personnel were on hand at the Community Education and Disaster Coordination Centre last Thursday to hold their first exercise as the cyclone season approaches.

THE Tablelands Regional Council held an official tour last Thursday of their Community Education and Disaster Coordination Centre.

The state-of-the-art facility is in place just in time for the beginning of the cyclone season, and aims to coordinate the response required when a disaster occurs within the region.

During times of disaster, the Tablelands Local Disaster Coordination Centre is activated by the Chairperson of the Local Disaster Management Group. The Local Disaster Coordinator will manage the Local Disaster Coordination Centre and is responsible for coordinating the disaster response operations in conjunction with officers from other lead emergency agencies.

The tour included the LDCC’s first major exercise ‘Dam It’s Wild’, which provided emergency personnel the opportunity to test the new facility and multiagency response to a simulated weather event.

“This is a crucial service that will be of great benefit to the communities on the Tablelands,” TRC Mayor Joe Paronella said.

“This is an essential facility that provides local disaster management authorities the necessary tools to have far better oversight and coordination for response and recovery efforts, allowing them to act with improved speed and efficiency.

“This facility is one the community should be proud of and it’s been able to come to fruition because of the hard work a number of people have put in over a long period of time.

“This is a region which can experience extensive natural weather events so any way we can aid emergency services is a plus.

“And because of this centre, our community can have even greater confidence in their safety when facing emergency situations.”

The Community Educations and Disaster Coordination Centre is situated on 15, Vernon Street, Atherton. For more information, visit the Tablelands Regional Council – Disaster Management Facebook page.

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