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Hairdressers dodge fatal blow to business

Local hair stylist Lea Di Pasquale has been left in a state of confusion after the government's decision to remand the 30min hair cut rule.

Hairdressers across the country have dodged a fatal blow to their businesses with the government retracting the rule for haircuts to be under 30min.

The Prime Minister came out last week and announced that all barbers and hairdressers must adhere to a strict 30min timeline when cutting a customer’s hair, this rule also applied to colorings, perms and other very lengthy processes.

With hairdressers unable to procure some of their best money makers with womens cuts, colours and perms their businesses were sure to go under.

However on Thursday March 26 after meeting with the premiers and cabinet members Scott Morision decided to lift the 30min cap, stating that the 4sqm rule per person must be strictly observed and implemented.

Lea Di Pasquale of Lea Di Pasquale Hair Stylist  in Mareeba is letting out a sigh of relief as the rule has been lifted but the damage is already done to the business.

“If that rule had been kept in and enforced, all hairdressers would’ve closed down,” she said.

“You cannot afford to keep a senior hairdresser on when you don’t have those options, plus with big overheads it’s not viable.

“They are worried about exposure for a 30min haircut, it only takes minutes to spread the virus anyway.”

Due to the decline in clients Lea has chosen to close her doors until the current situation lightens up for hairdressers, joining the Hairport Salon after they shut their doors last week.

Beauticians have also suffered a massive blow being told to completely shut down during this pandemic.

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