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SUPPORT LOCAL: Mareeba Shire Mayor Angela Toppin supports Mareeba Chamber of Commerce president Joe Moro on the new Stay Local, Shop Local, Support Local campaign.

IT has never been more important to support local businesses.

With this in mind the Mareeba Chamber of Commerce is launching a new ‘Stay Local, Shop Local, Support Local’ campaign this week to help businesses and the community survive the coronavirus pandemic.

Joe Moro, president of the Mareeba Chamber of Commerce, said we all know there is no place like home and that Mareeba is one of kind when it comes to supporting locals in a time of need.

“If ever there was an important time to shop and support everything local, it is now,” said Joe Moro.

“They (the businesses) are here now and we need them to be here in the future, it’s quite simple.

“Mareeba is an amazing community who always comes together in a time of crisis and when you keep it local, it means everyone grows.

“We have a wide range of businesses with so much to offer and lots are still open; we want them to keep trading and they need the support of the community to do this.”

Using a range of different materials, including local videos, the Chamber will be utilising traditional media like print and radio, social media, online and via businesses direct to promote the local message.

“This is a very direct, local campaign that we hope will encourage our local community to come out and support local business,” said Mr Moro.

“We will also be using all local businesses and organisations to build and share the campaign message.”

The chamber has also gathered the support of the Mareeba Shire Council who will help spread the word.

Mareeba Shire Mayor Angela Toppin fully supports the idea behind the campaign.

“We need to stay local, we need to buy local and we must support our local businesses especially during this COVID period,” she said.

“My heart aches for the business that are struggling and those who have lost their jobs.”

Mayor Toppin said the community needs to stand together and support each other during these uncertain times.

“I commend the Chamber on the buy local campaign and urge everyone to spend money in your local community wherever possible,” Cr Toppin said.

Apart from local consumers, the shop local campaign message will also be extended to include schools, governments and other organisations and of course local businesses.

“Support goes two ways and we must all work together to ensure our community grows now and beyond the coronavirus pandemic,” Joe Moro said.

“We all love where we live and now is time to show the business community how much we can all do our part and make a difference and together we will build a better future for generations to come.”

By staying local, shopping local and supporting local you are making the local economy stronger which means more jobs, more opportunities and a better place to live for all.

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