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KP mango comp leader board

With only a couple of weeks left until the end of the annual KP Mango Competition we have had some monstrous entries looking to take out the first place prize.

Presented by The Express Newspaper and FNQ Growers the KP Mango Competition looks at the heaviest mangoes across the area put in for judging and gives them either first, second or third.

With cash prizes up for grabs courtesy of Lindsay Transport for the first, second and third heaviest mangoes entries have only been getting bigger and bigger.

With the competition nearing a close on Februrary 28 The Express has decided to put out a top 10 heaviest mangoes list currently entered in this year competition.

Any mangoes entered in the competition must be brought into The Express office and clearly show the weight of the mango on digital scales, the mangoes must also be of the Kensington Pride variety.



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